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HealthGuard is a program designed to improve Guardian Employee health.
In order to do this, the HealthGuard program works on different levels:

Classes and campaigns organized on nutrition topics. Fruity Days. Vending machines with healthy choices.

Sport events organized: 8 weeks activities, running facilities, contests, …
Winner's circle program: this program awards all participants AND their family who are doing sport on a regular basis. Based on a defined table, they earn points. 

Vaccination program
Stress, tobacco sessions

No smoking: All Guardian Luxembourg plants are non-smoking facilities

Help communities
Support of national events: Relay for life : fund-raising by the Luxembourg Foundation against cancer in order to collect funds.
Support of the Red Cross by becoming a partner of the events
Support of sport teams like the Football Club Déifferdeng 03 or the "Cercle Sportif des Communautés Européennes" of rugby of Luxembourg for young players from 7 to 19 years old.
The implementation and understanding of the HealthGuard program is audited once a year by a Guardian Auditor and each facility can compete to win a gold medal !


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